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How do I use the nail vinyls?

Click here for our step by step nail vinyl tutorial.

  • 1. Paint your nail with your base polish color

  • 2. Use a top coat, preferably a fast dry top coat

  • 3. After your nails are completely dry, apply the nail vinyls to your nail

  • 4. Make sure all edges of the nail vinyl are firmly pressed on to get a clean and neat outcome

  • 5. Apply the second color to your nails evenly

  • 6. Peel off the nail vinyls right away, while the polish is still wet.

  • 7. If you want to use a top coat, make sure you wait until the nail polish is completely dry, so your design does not smudge.



  • Do you ship worldwide. Yes, we ship our vinyls all over the world.

  • Is free shipping apply to international orders? Our free shipping is for the United States only, however it is only $1 to ship everywhere else.

  • Where do your nail vinyls ship from? We ship our orders from Cedar Park, Texas, USA.


Where do you get your nail vinyls from?

We are a family owned and operated business. All of our nail vinyls are made with love to order and packaged by the girls and I personally.


Are the nail vinyls reusable?

No, once the nail vinyls are used and painted over, they cannot be used again.


Do you offer bulk discounts?

If you are wanting to make a bulk order, please contact us with the products you were looking to purchase.